Hey America: @BustertheBeagle really could use your help

The fact that I saw the tweet was a surprise. It was in my “Home” stream, one that I rarely check anymore. I spend the bulk of what little time I have for Twitter checking my Sports Media, Kaufer Favorites or Go Ducks lists. But I had a little time to kill while waiting for […]

Does it always rain on the 4th of July in Seattle?

A common joke in Seattle is that summer doesn’t truly start until after the 4th of July – because it seems the cold, rainy weather often persists through Independence Day. And while I can remember my share of frigid fourths, apparently rain hasn’t been as common on the holiday as Seattlites my think. This infographic […]

My Favorite Florida Find So Far – Paint The Trail

Not only is Orlando about as far away geographically as you can get from Seattle in the continental US, its also very different culturally. I say this having spent a considerable amount of time in Mickey’s backyard visiting Renee’s parents on many trips over the past 16 years. “Artsy” is not a word I would […]

Remembering 9/11 in 2013

Like millions of others, I have vivid memories of 9/11/01 that I will never forget. Each year on the 9/11 anniversary there are countless reminders of that tragic day – especially with the advent of social media. Many like to use the mantra and hashtag #neverforget – while others post patriotic photos. Sadly, I’ve seen […]