Beyond Speech: A Father's Quest to Free Trapped Voices

Imagine being trapped inside your own mind, understanding everything but unable to communicate – to ask questions, share thoughts, or express needs. This was the harsh reality for my autistic teenage son Stone and countless others facing significant communication challenges – mostly misunderstood and underestimated. That is, until an unexpected breakthrough unlocked Stone’s voice and revealed profound lessons that extend far beyond our personal story.  

In my presentations (often including Stone), we share the powerful principles that emerged from his journey to find his voice – insights that can transform how we approach healthcare, education, business and more. Attendees learn to presume competence, even when communication is limited. To reject predictable paths and embrace unconventional approaches that can lead to life-changing breakthroughs. 


What I Speak About:

I take audiences on a transformative journey, providing insights that can revolutionize how we approach healthcare, education, business, public policy and more. My paradigm-shifting presentations empower audiences to:

  • Unlock powerful mindset shifts to presuming competence despite limitations
  • Master strategies for embracing unconventional, breakthrough solutions
  • Gain compelling examples of how effective communication immeasurably impacts lives
  • Embrace steps to be more inclusive in communication and action.

Whether working with patients, students, employees or clients, I challenge assumptions about the nature of communication itself. You will leave empowered to uncover and unleash the hidden talent of those whose voices remain unheard – literally and figuratively.

Sharing Stone’s story and the lessons learned with audiences is just one facet of my mission to amplify unspoken voices.

Who I Speak To:

Who is our message for?

  • Parents, relatives and caretakers of non-speakers who struggle with communication.
  • Healthcare professionals seeking to enhance patient communication and care.
  • Educators looking to adopt inclusive and effective teaching methods.
  • Business leaders interested in fostering an environment of trust and competence.
  • Public service professionals and policy-makers who can positively impact this community.
"I have had the pleasure of utilizing David Kaufer as both: an educational speaker, for my clients in both virtual and in-person settings; and as a strategic partner who supported my clients in their planning, messaging, and marketing for their annual conference. David is professional, strategic, and knowledgeable. He is thoughtful and well spoken. While there is an array of adjectives I could use to convey the knowledge and education David has been able to provide my clients, he is above all kind-hearted and genuine. A pleasure to work with, reliable and well received, I would hire David again in a heartbeat."
Mindy Zaubi
Executive Director for Washington State Healthcare Leaders Association, Oregon Medical Group Management Association and Healthcare Leaders Association of Ohio
David and Stone Kaufer on airplane in route to Virginia for conference

Inspirational keynote speaking & expert marketing leadership

Besides providing speaking and advocacy services, David provides workshops, fractional CMO and other marketing leadership services based on over 25 years of communications, marketing, and management experience. Among his specialties are creating effective strategies, optimizing digital channels, developing high-impact branding, and implementing lead generation programs.

Whether you need an inspirational keynote or expert marketing guidance, David delivers perspectives that transform human experiences and business outcomes. Learn more about his fractional CMO services and marketing workshops at

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