Like millions of others, I have vivid memories of 9/11/01 that I will never forget. Each year on the 9/11 anniversary there are countless reminders of that tragic day – especially with the advent of social media.


Many like to use the mantra and hashtag #neverforget – while others post patriotic photos. Sadly, I’ve seen a few posts that were anti-Muslim.

Each of us were impacted by those events in our own unique way – so I would (and will) never try to tell others how to remember that day or honor the memories of those lost.

But for me I’m choosing to remember the powerful feeling of unity that was created – albeit too briefly. This unity and feeling of community was not just American. There was the famous headline in the French newspaper Le Monde that read “We are all Americans.” There were candlelight vigils worldwide – including countries such as Iran.

Terrorism always has been and will remain an act of cowardice. The religious fanatics who chose to murder thousands of innocent people (not just Americans) were cowards. History is littered with acts of terrorism from extremists from various religious, nationalistic and political fanaticsm – not just Islam.

One of our greatest strengths as humans is our ability to turn tragedy into something positive. My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones on 9/11 and hope that those souls that perished will forever rest in peace.

And I hope we #NeverForget that unity is possible within humanity.

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