Hacker Crisis – Social Media To Rescue?

Hackers and spam are certainly not new in the digital world. I know that personally I seem to receive dozens of “phishing” attempts weekly via my various email accounts.  But this morning I received a new kind of phishing attempt – a very official-looking email confirming an order placed to (see below). Of course […]

10 Tips To Market Your Business With Social Media Site Pinterest

Adding to the popular ranks of Facebook and Twitter comes the white hot social networking site Pinterest. According to TechCrunch, Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site in history (yes, even faster than Facebook!). And like other social media platforms, Pinterest (when used properly), can be used as a powerful, and free, marketing tool for businesses by […]

Which are the best social media networks for your business?

Social media should always be a priority for any business and implemented into any advertising plan. However, with all sorts of different social media networking websites and methods to spread the word on your business, which ones should a business focus the majority of their attention on? Here’s a look at the most popular networks […]