Adding to the popular ranks of Facebook and Twitter comes the white hot social networking site Pinterest. According to TechCrunchPinterest is the fastest growing social media site in history (yes, even faster than Facebook!). And like other social media platforms, Pinterest (when used properly), can be used as a powerful, and free, marketing tool for businesses by following these 10 easy tips:

Kaufer Pinterest1. Learn what Pinterest is

Pinterest is a hybrid site that is half social networking and half virtual scrapbook. Users create boards covered in “pinned” items from all over the web: products, photos, stories, and resources. Users can follow each other in a fashion similar to Twitter or Facebook, with a news feed of recent pinning activity. Unlike these other two sites though, you can simply follow interests or topics from “Pinners” – you don’t have to follow everything they post. This allows for very targeted streams.

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