Even though my GreenForGood days are behind me, I still try to look for ways to live (and work) more sustainably. Whether you work from home, own a business or are the head of a massive corporation, there are always new and innovative ways to work more sustainably. Here are three ingenious and money-saving strategies for a more environmentally-friendly workplace.

At Your Desk

Choose cool gadgets that operate on alternative energy sources at your work station. Start the morning by keeping your coffee warm while simultaneously charging your smartphone. The technologists at Epiphany Labs have developed a handy round coaster that creates energy to charge your cell phone when a hot or cold beverage is placed on the disc.

Anything that uses batteries can now rely on USB charging batteries — they’ll reduce material waste and offer electricity-free energy. Plug in the USB batteries into any USB port to charge and then use them in your camera, flashlight, Xbox controller or any battery-powered item.

Other sustainable work station items include a handheld paper shredder and water-powered clock.

Save Time

Imagine cutting down on transportation emissions by not having to run tons of errands. Clever products, such as postage machines for small business needs, can not only save time and money, but also liberate you from taking all those trips to the post office. With one paperless stamp used by the machine, you can cut down on paper products that would be purchased for stamps and packaging labels.

You can also stay put by hiring a professional service to run errands for you. Taskrabbit.com is a sustainable resource when you need someone to pick up your dry-cleaning, bring the office lunch or grab office supplies.


Compete to save the most energy with online apps. Encouraging employees to make a game out of promoting sustainability at work can improve workplace efficiency, save money and boost morale. The Practically Green app measures how much money is saved by exhibiting green behaviors in the office from eating zero waste lunches to discovering greener commutes.

Other apps like JouleBug reward users for performing often-forgotten office tasks such as turning off lights, carpooling to work, recycling and turning off laptops and printers. GreenBiz.com is a good resource to discover additional apps that help you work sustainably, such as iRecycle.

What do you think? Are there any other eco-friendly items that should be included here?

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