For every fan, their home stadium has a special place in their heart. And this is especially true with Ducks fans and Autzen Stadium. While there has been an emphasis on Oregon’s uniforms and savvy marketing as contributing factors in the football program’s rise the past 20 years, Autzen Stadium has its role as the all-important 3rd leg in that stool. There are few venues that provide teams with such a profound home-field advantage – and also connects so strongly with the fans. Whether it’s location next to the Willamette River and the march students take (over the river and through the woods) to its unique acoustics that allow 58,000 fans sound louder than stadiums with twice the capacity, Autzen is more than just a football stadium.



This video was a joint venture between Supwitchugirl and Fowlplay2012. Written by Michael from Supwitchugirl.…

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