Even though Stone and I have always had a very strong bond and connection, it’s been a challenge finding activities that we could truly share together. But a recent development has opened a new opportunity for us to do just that.
A few months ago I noticed Stone started messing around a bit on the “Razor” scooter that we bought for the twins a couple of years ago. While Ty had mastered riding the Razor a long time ago, Stone never really showed interest in it until only recently. It started with him trying to balance himself on it as he watched his iPad in the garage and gradually it grew to the point where he was coasting on it a few feet at a time. We even reached a point where we had to ban the Razor from the house because Stone was bringing it in so frequently (and scratching the wood floors with his play).

But I had no idea just how much he had improved riding the scooter until about a month ago when we were in our front yard enjoying one of our first pleasant spring days. Stone brought out the Razor and amazed me by riding down our street a good 15-20 yards before jumping off to stop (he hadn’t figured out how to use the foot break yet). He wanted to go across our street to another dead end street that had a nice hill (and much better pavement). Again he surprised me by how well he was able to ride the Razor and maintain his balance for a long time. I could tell he was very proud of himself and enjoyed showing off for me – this is something he totally taught himself how to do and he could do it well. Of course, my next major task and challenge was enforcing our helmet rule (which didn’t thrill him) but he eventually gave in and accepted wearing the helmet when he was with me and his Razor.
Now that Stone had mastered the Razor, I thought it would be fun to go exploring with him (much as I did initially with Ty when he first learned how to ride his bike). So Stone and I have now started a new tradition where he and I (sometimes joined by Brodie, Ty or the both of them) go out exploring our neighborhood – he on his Razor (and me running behind trying to keep up!). It’s been a lot of fun because I let Stone decide which direction he wants to go. And just as I did with Ty when he was learning to ride his bike with me on our runs, I have to constantly remind Stone to stay to the side of the street, to look out for cars in the driveway and about a hundred other things I worry about while out with him. There was even an incident where he ran into a pothole that he didn’t see and slightly flipped and fell on his side – getting a small scrape. He wasn’t too hurt (or upset) fortunately – and strangely I actually felt good about the experience. Because this is exactly what I want for him (and Ty alike). I want him to experience childhood as a boy – being out and about (and sometimes getting bumps, bruises and scrapes). These are the experiences I know will help him develop even more – while gaining confidence in the process.
Our last adventure together happened last Sunday when we again went out exploring Edmonds. We ended up traveling more than 2 miles together and winding up at Edmonds City Park (where I promptly called Renee to ask for a ride home). I’m so proud of Stone taking the initiative to learn how to ride the Razor on his own and know he’s that much closer to riding a bike without training wheels or maybe even a skateboard in the not-too-distant future.

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