It’s no secret to my friends and family that I absolutely love Seattle. And since last October, I’ve been lucky enough to work in the city in a really cool office space and great part of town – across the street from Olympic Sculpture Park on one side and the Seattle waterfront and Pier 70 the other direction. Seattle Center and the Space Needle are only a few blocks away heading to the East while Pike Street Market and downtown is only a 10-15 minute walk away to the South – making it very convenient for lunch dates with colleagues and friends.

Let me take you on a little tour of the area – including the twelve23 office space itself:

Here is the building of our famous twelve23 headquarters. Yes, that is the Old Spaghetti Factory (the 2nd floor of the building is filled with office space). And no, we don't constantly smell spaghetti sauce all day!


In case you're wondering, this is our address!


Here is our cool frosted door (thanks to Renee). Ty is helping model it.


We have Super Mario racing across our walls of twelve23!


My desk and work area is behind this wall. If you looked really closely, you would notice the Vintage Oregon Ducks Football Program Cover Calendar on the wall.


Two of our developers - both named Josh. So I just call them the 2 Josh's. Great guys and fun to eavesdrop on their conversations.


And since we do work in Seattle, we naturally need to have a coffee shop around the corner. This is our favorite local spot.


So there you go – a little peek into my corner of Seattle during most work days. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, please be sure to stop by and say hi – I might even buy you coffee at Cherry Street Coffee Shop!

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