Neurodivergent youth are being victimized by healthcare abilism

Many healthcare facilities are still inaccessible to those with disabilities. We need to change the current unacceptable healthcare disparities Two of my passionate causes are accessibility and inclusion. Every child deserves equal access to high-quality, compassionate healthcare. Yet for the 1 in 6 youth living with a neurodevelopmental disability (NDD) like autism, ADHD or intellectual […]

Honoring Mikaela and Owen

In my last post, I wrote about the bittersweet moments that come with parenting a child with Autism. And as I usually try to do, I focused on an positive aspect – the great joy that comes from a developmental step – even a minor one. Tragically, today there are two families who will be […]

10 Top Autism Apps for the iPad

It seems there are new Autism-related apps being announced or released on a weekly basis, so it’s hard for parents to stay on top of all of the options. Here is one list of 10 top iPad Autism Apps that is worth checkng out. 

According to the most recent research by the CDC, 1 in every 50 school-aged children has been identified has having autism or a related disorder–defined as an impairment in social interaction and com…

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What we really know about autism

Its stil Autism Awareness Month so I’m doing my part to share new and interesting information for those who are impacted by Autism. Whether your journey is just beginning or you’re a veteran, it seems there is always something new to learn about Autism. 

In a couple of years, we will learn something new that changes everything all over again. But what we know right now could change a child’s life…

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