Stone Found His Voice Through Spelling

What is it like to hear your 17-year-old tell you that his dream college is Harvard?

For many parents of teens across America, it’s probably so common they don’t give it a second thought.

For me it’s both thrilling and slightly heartbreaking. But mostly thrilling.

Why? Because against our wildest dreams and expectations, our autistic son Stone was able to communicate that this is one of his dreams with us last week.

Sunday’s swim lesson (for me – not Stone)

He didn’t want to go. He was adamant. “No swimming! No swim team!” I tried to cajole him by telling him it’d be fun. He repeated it louder this time – an inflection in his voice to make his point. “No swim TEEEEAM.” Crossing my arms I sighed and considered the options. For the past […]

Progress comes in different steps and speeds

I want to say something about this guy. It’s been a long time since I’ve written much about him and sometimes I feel bad about that. I used to be so good about documenting his life, challenges and the progress he made. But life happened and here I am in catch up mode. He’s turning […]

Challenging the Edmonds School District’s Challenge Program

I admit it: I’m a proud father. But when you have a son who counted to 100 at the age of 2, studied and understood the US highway system at the age of 4, and explained weather patterns to teachers in 2nd grade, you know you have a pretty special kid on your hands. Every […]