Does it always rain on the 4th of July in Seattle?

A common joke in Seattle is that summer doesn’t truly start until after the 4th of July – because it seems the cold, rainy weather often persists through Independence Day. And while I can remember my share of frigid fourths, apparently rain hasn’t been as common on the holiday as Seattlites my think. This infographic […]

Hoping for a Seahawks win in the Super Bowl…I think

Its been a full 24 hours since the epic 49ers-Seahawks NFC Championship game concluded. Today I drove Stone to see his special pediatrician in Oregon City so I had plenty of time to digest the contest and revurberations that resulted from Seattle beating the 49ers with a last-second defensive stand. I went into this game […]

Behind the Tweets: KIRO-FM Morning Anchor Linda Thomas (aka @TheNewsChick)

This week I have a very special guest for my Behind the Tweets interview. Linda Thomas (aka @TheNewsChick on Twitter) was gracious enough to take time from her VERY busy schedule to answer a ton of questions from me regarding social media, her interesting career as a journalist, and the potential future impact of both […]

Happy Seattle-versary!

On April 1st, 1991 I left my apartment in Portland, Oregon and headed north on Interstate 5 to my new home, Seattle. It was a move I was excited to make because I felt a connection to Seattle and the area that I never was able to quite make in Portland. Having grown up in […]