Stone Found His Voice Through Spelling

What is it like to hear your 17-year-old tell you that his dream college is Harvard?

For many parents of teens across America, it’s probably so common they don’t give it a second thought.

For me it’s both thrilling and slightly heartbreaking. But mostly thrilling.

Why? Because against our wildest dreams and expectations, our autistic son Stone was able to communicate that this is one of his dreams with us last week.

Celebrating 85 years of love

“You’re stronger than you realize.” In truth these words apply to pretty much all of us at some time or another. Life has a way of battering, testing and breaking us down…if we let it. But more than 30 years ago I shared those words with my mom when she was going through a very […]

Sunday’s swim lesson (for me – not Stone)

He didn’t want to go. He was adamant. “No swimming! No swim team!” I tried to cajole him by telling him it’d be fun. He repeated it louder this time – an inflection in his voice to make his point. “No swim TEEEEAM.” Crossing my arms I sighed and considered the options. For the past […]

Feeling that Pearl Jam Concert High

Some couples like to recreate their first date at the restaurant or location where they first felt the spark of their romance. Even though years may have passed and the venue has changed and evolved (like the couple), for a brief period they’re (hopefully) able to remember and feel a moment in time as they […]