Ready for the first Twitter Beer? Meet #MashTag

Who says social media isn’t practical? Check this out: a beer was created in the UK entirely by social media users. The brewery used Facebook, Twitter and its blog to allow fans to vote on every element of the beer: from the hops to the alcohol percentage. 

What could be more social than grabbing a couple of buds and heading to the bar for a pint? How about harnessing the power of social media so that you and a few thousand of your buds can create a brand-new brew? That was the idea that inspired a new beer from the U.K. called #MashTag, the world’s first alcoholic beverage to be developed entirely by social media users. BrewDog brewery’s #Mashtag is a 7.5 percent American brown ale made with New Zealand hops and aged on…

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On the wagon (or is it off the wagon?)

I’m in the early stages of an experiment: avoiding the consumption of any alcohol until the end of February. Depending on your perspective (or how well you know me), this may not seem like a very big deal. And in the scheme of things in life, I guess it’s not. But it is a pretty […]