Neurodivergent youth are being victimized by healthcare abilism

Many healthcare facilities are still inaccessible to those with disabilities. We need to change the current unacceptable healthcare disparities Two of my passionate causes are accessibility and inclusion. Every child deserves equal access to high-quality, compassionate healthcare. Yet for the 1 in 6 youth living with a neurodevelopmental disability (NDD) like autism, ADHD or intellectual […]

“Speech Can Suck It”

We previously shared that Stone has been working on some fun writing projects – including songwriting. We’re proud to share his first song “Speech can suck it.” It still needs official music written for it (he’s thinking of a punk rock kind of sound) so if you have any connections to Green Day or other […]

Stone Found His Voice Through Spelling

What is it like to hear your 17-year-old tell you that his dream college is Harvard?

For many parents of teens across America, it’s probably so common they don’t give it a second thought.

For me it’s both thrilling and slightly heartbreaking. But mostly thrilling.

Why? Because against our wildest dreams and expectations, our autistic son Stone was able to communicate that this is one of his dreams with us last week.

Hey America: @BustertheBeagle really could use your help

The fact that I saw the tweet was a surprise. It was in my “Home” stream, one that I rarely check anymore. I spend the bulk of what little time I have for Twitter checking my Sports Media, Kaufer Favorites or Go Ducks lists. But I had a little time to kill while waiting for […]